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Clay Dahi Handi with lid


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100% Natural Eco friendly, Nontoxic clay cookware. Cooking in clayware preserves all the nutrients and makes the dishes delicious. The capacity of this product is 1 liter.

Dimensions: Weight(grams) – 1000.

Since this Dahi handi bowl doesn’t have any non-clay handles or screws, this bowl can be used in the microwave for heating/ cooking as well.

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How to Use:

. Before you start cooking in Handi, Wash with water and keep aside for one day to get it dry completely.
. Heat the milk in a separate bowl, once it’s slightly less hot transfer milk to the clay pot and add the curd, keep in a      warm place.

warning: don’t keep on high flame straight away the pot might break

Washing Method
•leave hot water for 10 minutes in Handi before cleaning and then wash it properly to get all stains removed.

• Use a soft brush. ALLOW DRYING FOR 24 HOURS.

Fungus on clay pots:

Due to the porous nature of the clay pots, some of the food may get accumulated in these pores despite washing, which can encourage fungal growth, especially if the pot is not allowed to dry completely after washing.

Remedy: Wash it with hot water from both sides and allow it to dry entirely before keeping it back in the cupboard.

Alternately fill the handi with water and keep it on a low flame and wash it and allow it to dry completely.


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