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Clay Bowl Set of 6


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Our clayware is Eco friends, pure Red Clay, and gives Natural Taste. This keeps all the nutrients & vitamins intact while cooking and enriching the natural taste of the dish. Best suited for Healthy cooking and a healthy lifestyle. This clayware is natural and does not have any ceramic/shining coating on it.

Comes as a Set of 6 Pieces.

Best suited for serving bowls/ice cream bowls/ Tea or coffee cups/ drinking glasses etc.


. Clay cookware and containers should not be cleaned with soap. Due to its porous nature, clay vessels tend to absorb the soap.
. Please use only a scrub along with a piece of lemon and a pinch of salt to clean the insides and outsides. Then wash with water.
. Once a week, dry in sunlight to prevent fungus.

DIMENSIONS (HXDiameter in cms of each item & Weight in gms for each item) :
– Clay Bowl: 7 X & & 110 gms.

. Due to the porous nature of the clay pots, some of the food may get accumulated in these pores despite washing, which can encourage fungal growth, especially if the pot is not allowed to dry completely after washing.

REMEDY: Wash it with hot water from both sides and allow it to dry entirely before keeping it back in the cupboard.

. Item once used cannot be taken back.
. We will check the product properly before dispatching it and are not responsible if it cracks while cooking.
. An item with the original packing without use can be taken back, and the amount is refunded once we get the product to our place without damage.



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